"God, have mercy upon me, o, God, according to your loving kindness" ( Ps.50,1 ).
Ion Culea "If every bough of a tree could become a flute and play a melancholy Romanian folk song/poem, then every limb could play a symphony. Inside of the wood, we come into a land where ideas have bodies, but not also faces, they are warm like wood and are living beyond the death of the stuff."
Ion Culea.

Born in Valea Jiului on November 17, 1961, he spent his childhood and then followed the secondary school on the Euxin Pont shore, in Techirghiol town. The idea to express in the visual art sphere/domain did not cross his mind on the way of his life, but after his words, "it was from beginning inside his mind, impanted genetically".
His first appearance was as part of the Drawing Circle in Techirghiol, starting with modelling, drawing, photography and painting. The sculpture represents a stage of the artist?s maturity.
After graduation of the Economic Secundary School, he follows the Art Popular School at Photography Section in Sibiu. He is the author of a few collective and personal painting and wood carving exhibitions since 1984.
What misses the wood carver at/relating to his hands (he has only two fingers at both hands), superbounds beyond his eyes. In front of the wood fibres there is only the song which lyrics are made to be listened by the artist.
On the summer of 2002 he carved two imperial doors and two deacon's doors which belonged to the wall/brick church from Proieni, Calimanesti ? Caciulata, that had been built in the the XIVth Century, during the Voivode Mircea the Old.
Then he was requested to achieve the iconostasis from the Monastery "The Saint Ioan Casian". The tourists are enchanted by the miniatures of the little wood church "The Saint Maria" ? Techirghiol, made on the fresh board and the pyrogravure which represents portraits of the saints.
The wood takes any form in his hands and comes to life becoming "a feast of mind and heart at the same time".
Most of Ion Culea's works was donated or procured, existing in private collections.
If you would like to admire some of the Ion Culea's works, we recommend you:
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